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13 things everyone should know before using a sextoy

Sextoys allow you to induce new practices in your sex life, whether solo or as a couple

You will find them less attractive if they are not properly cleaned and maintained. Storing your sextoys badly, not cleaning them, using them with bad lubricant or a poor quality lubricant can, in addition to reducing the life span of the tool, put you at constant risk of infection. We will give you some tips on how to take care of your toys.

For your information, a cleaning manual is delivered with the sextoys. Please read it to make sure that the instructions do not contain specific points that have been ignored in the rest of this article.

1- Clean your sextoy between two uses

Whether you are using your sextoy alone or not, even if you don’t share it with any partner, it is important that your sextoy is cleaned between uses. Toys that are cleaned regularly will last longer. If they are not maintained regularly, they can gradually discolour or spoil. In addition, if an uncleaned toy is stored with toys that have been cleaned, it could contaminate others with the bacteria it contains.

2- Also clean your sextoy before use.

Unless you store them properly, your sextoys may come into contact with dust, bacteria or animal hair that may contain other bacteria. We will go through the steps to follow to reveal how to store them properly.

3- Use the ideal soap

Use a soap for sensitive hands, dish soap. Avoid antibacterial products. There are also sextoys cleaners that are discreet and neutralize bacteria without damaging your toy.

4- Remove the batteries from sextoys that take them.

If your sextoy connects to mains power, if it takes batteries or if it vibrates, you must be extra careful when cleaning it. For this kind of sextoy, you can just clean it with a heated washcloth.

5- What is your sextoy made of?

There is a rather wide range of sextoys. They are made of different materials, but they can be divided into two main categories, namely non-porous and porous toys. Those that are non-porous can be used for collective use because bacteria can’t get into them. These are toys made of silicone, stainless steel. Porous toys are made of plastic, latex, nylon or rubber. They let bacteria easily get in. Look on the box to see what material your toy is made of.

6- Cleaning your non porous sextoy

If your toy is made of silicone or glass, use soap and water to clean it, or simply put it in the dishwasher. Silicone toys can be disinfected in boiling water for 10 minutes. For glass ones, avoid extreme temperatures to prevent them from deforming.

Pyrex is heat resistant. It can therefore be cleaned at high temperatures, washed by hand or put in the dishwasher.

7- How to clean porous toys

They have a certain sensitivity to heat which tends to deform them. You can clean them with hot water and soap, in the sink or with a soap-coated washcloth. The nylon ones can be machine cleaned.

8- Use the right lubricant for your cleaning

Avoid the use of lubricants made with silicone or oil with silicone sextoys. Recommend lubricants made with water.

9- Use a condom if you use a porous toy.

Some toys cannot be completely cleaned. You will have to use a condom if you use them with a partner. If you are the only user, there is no problem. But if you use a gelatinous object, this is important because gelatinous products contain dangerous substances.

10- Check that your sextoy is waterproof and safe.

Your sextoy is no longer waterproof as long as it loses a rubber band or the battery cover.

11- Keep a close eye on the object

If your sextoy no longer holds the load, if it becomes noisy, if cracks appear on your silicone sextoy, then it is time to get another one.

12- Don’t put them just anywhere.

Keep them out of the dust. To do this, put them in cloth or plastic bags.

13- Remove the batteries when not using the toy.

This can corrode your toy or reduce its longevity.

Don’t forget to take care of your sextoys, it would be a shame if they let you loose in the middle of sex.


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