6 tips to choose your sextoy

You want to try new things with your partner, diversify the pleasures and spice up your sex life, sextoys are surely one of the ways to achieve this. It is for you the opportunity to try a sextoy if you have never used one. Unfortunately, there is a wide range of sextoys available and it is not always easy to choose from a wide range of sextoys of all colours and shapes. Clitoral stimulators, double-ended rabbits, special G-spot sextoys, are all different sextoys and we will give you 6 tips to help you choose among them.

When choosing your sextoy, many parameters such as shape, material, quality, certain features or functionality and size come into play. Here are the criteria that can guide you in the choice of your sextoy.

1- Material and quality

We’ll have to completely ignore the latex on this one. Latex is made of a very porous material that traps bacteria, making it very difficult to clean afterwards. This is also true for the “jelly”. These are materials that make sextoys affordable, but they are full of toxic and chemical elements. The best thing to do would be to build on the longevity of your sextoy by acquiring one that is made of dermatologically tested silicone. It is easier to clean a silicone sextoy than a latex sextoy. In addition, silicone has the advantage of being a rather soft material that does not cause allergies or irritations.


2- Penetrating or not

A sextoy is either penetrating or not. If, like the majority of women, you are the type to come after external stimulation, that is to say, if you are clitoral, you can satisfy your desires with a simple pebble-shaped, non-penetrating vibrator. If your cravings direct you towards a penetrating sextoy, the rabbit dildo might be what you’re looking for. Its double tip could make you inseparable. In any case, when choosing your sextoys, choose a model that is flexible and can adapt to your anatomy without hurting you.

3- Rechargeable on sector or with batteries

Normal batteries have the merit of quickly discharging, reducing the intensity of vibrations, or polluting the environment. Rechargeable batteries are the best choice. To avoid having to change batteries all the time, you can opt for sextoys that recharge from the mains. You can even recharge them with your phone’s cable. You thus limit the risks of suffering a discharge of your tool while your pleasure is at its peak.

4- Vibration mode

On average, a vibrator emits almost 2000 vibrations per minute. This figure frightens some people, while others are delighted. Ask yourself about the type of stimulation you want to feel, about the intensity that could increase your pleasure tenfold. It may seem surprising, but you can test the effectiveness of your vibrator on your new one, since it is as sensitive as a clitoris.


5- Waterproof

This is probably the most important criterion when you buy a sextoy. You may be tempted to bask in a nice hot or foamy bath, accompanied by your vibrator. To do this, choose a waterproof vibrator. Make the difference between waterproof and splashproof, which means that your object only tolerates splashes.

6- The price of your sextoy

The fact that the sextoy is cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality isn’t there. A sextoy from a major brand, guarantees you a better quality, less risk of irritation or allergy, but to acquire it you will have to set the bar a little higher because they can cost more.

Since we are talking about your pleasure, for the purchase of your sextoys, choose quality sextoys, made of silicone and do not hesitate to put the means if necessary. Remember to avoid latex sextoys since they are porous.

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