sextoy won't replace the man

8 reasons why the sextoy won’t replace the man

Do you get the feeling that your man is worried as soon as his eyes meet one of your sextoys? You’ve never been able to reveal to him that you have a sextoy collection hidden somewhere in your house for fear of reaching his manhood?

And for men, you can’t stand the sight of those vibrant objects that you think have a bad reputation? Can’t get used to the idea that your partner has an arsenal of sextoy?

In an environment as taboo as that of pleasure, more precisely in a sub-category such as that of sextoys, this fear is nothing strange. In order to reassure your male partners and convince them that sextoys are their friends, here are 8 reasons that prove that they have nothing to fear from sextoys.

1- Taking pleasure alone doesn’t prevent you from taking pleasure together

As lovers of solitary pleasures, men are probably the best placed to understand the fact that taking pleasure alone from time to time does not necessarily mean that you lose interest in your partner or that you no longer want to have sex with him. Sextoys are just temporary companions for pleasures that are often necessary.

2- Sextoys are a way for women to discover their pleasures.

With the help of a vibrating sextoy specially dedicated to the G spot, or an external clitoral vibrator, ladies could discover their bodies by identifying their own areas of pleasure. This allows women to direct their partners to their pleasure zones, so they can share the pleasure with their partner.

3- Sextoys make long waits bearable

If your partner travels a lot for professional reasons and your usually hectic sex life takes a hit, sextoys could be valuable companions who can help you make your partner’s absence bearable. Madam could have fun with her sextoy, in front of the envious eyes of her husband who would watch the scene via a webcam.

4- They increase the libido in the couple

To bring new sensations to your life as a couple, you can both go to a sextoy shop or to an online site to choose the one you both like. This brief experience will allow you to strengthen your intimacy and complicity.

5- The sextoy can do things that are not possible for a man and vice-versa

We all agree that no man on earth has a vibrating penis. Moreover, some sextoys possess a double stimulation which is impossible for any individual to achieve. Although sextoys are capable of prowess inaccessible to men, they surely cannot reproduce sensations such as skin contact, caresses, tenderness, sensuality, body fusion or body movements. Sextoys should feel more threatened than men.

6- Sextoys improve foreplay

Don’t limit the use of sextoys to your solitary pleasures only. Solicit the use of sextoys during your sensual massages, after monsieur has explored your erogenous zones for a long time. The sextoys will come to decorate the unceasingly ascending desire that your man gets for you during this sensual massage.

7- The vibrators allow to prolong the sexual frolics.

It can happen during sexual intercourse that the gentleman cannot hold it in for long, while the lady would like to feel the pleasure much longer. The gentleman could therefore use a sextoy, alternating between sexual caresses and caresses with accessories so that he can get back in the saddle without the lady’s pleasure falling off.

8- Vibrators are more and more turning towards a couple use.

We now have remote-controlled vibrators, which allow men to be in control of their partners’ sensations. Whether they are worn by men or women, they allow you to feel pleasant and exciting vibrations.

Sextoys are not the enemies of men, on the contrary, they are as much the friends of men as they are of women.

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