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Been in a relationship for a long time? 5 tips to boost your libido.

You have a few years of life together behind you, and even though you love your partner, your libido has run out of steam in your couple. The causes can be multiple: routine, stress, daily worries, projects, work, … 

In short… You had your mind on something else! It’s high time to blow it all up and give your sex life and libido a little boost, full of fun and pleasure. Your relationship will thank you. 

When your sex life is at a standstill or going in circles, it’s time to be a little inventive and/or enterprising. Break the routine, dare new things, test your desires with your partner to discover a new libido and fill your nights with unbridled sex. Here are 5 tips to boost your libido.

Tip #1: Be a player

What if you tried all kinds of games: role-playing, disguises, changes in habits, … The solutions are many! Why not try outdoor sex if you’ve never done it before? Or buy some sex toys to spice up your sexual relations. The body is composed of various erogenous zones, we might as well titillate them to increase the pleasure of everyone, right? Dare to have phone sex in moments that should not be, a little risk always increases the sexual desire when we lend ourselves to the game. In short, you are spoilt for choice. For a bit more of inspiration, try to read erotic stories.

Advice N°2 : Dare to be libertine to boost your libido

Why stick to the model of the classic couple? If you are bored in your couple, opt for new solutions that will boost your libido. Find new partners for an evening to satisfy some unacknowledged desires or discover more to take advantage of it in your couple, can be a good idea. Be careful, however, that it is in agreement with each of you and that you respect the established rules.

Advice N°3 : Learn to communicate with your partner

When you are in a relationship, you get to know each other, you develop habits but you sometimes forget to communicate. It is the BASIC thing to do. Ego, fears, shyness, … so many brakes that sometimes make us swallow our tongue when we should not. Talking about your desires, your wants, your needs is important. The way we like things too. It builds trust and complicity as a couple, and sex is even more exciting!

Tip 4: Share strong moments together will increase your libido

“When a woman laughs halfway in bed, it also applies to her partner! The complicity also develops elsewhere than under the comforter. Exercise your zygomatic, do something fun together, share strong emotions. Shout, cry, scream, laugh… Live your emotions to the fullest! This stimulates the blood circulation in your body and the positive effect of the shared good times will add to your excitement. Play sports together! Exercise improves blood flow to your genitals and boosts your mood, thanks in part to the happy hormone endorphin. Two birds with one stone!

Tip #5: Create a void

Out of sight, out of mind? Not always, especially after years of living together. It is understandable that it can be difficult to remain an interesting person in the eyes of the person you see every morning when you wake up and every evening when you come home from work. We say to ourselves “great, finally a moment to myself” and finally, we quickly miss the other. And that’s good! It’s good for your relationship and your libido. This is due to the fear of losing the other person and the feeling of being in a state of weakness. Think of the pleasure of finding your partner and the moment when you will jump on him or her to prove it…

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