sextoy for your wife

Choosing the right sextoy for your wife?

You’ve talked it over with your partner and now you want to change the routine in your sex life by buying a sextoy. If you don’t know which one to choose, in the rest of this article we’ll give you some tips on how to choose the one that’s right for you.

Discuss them first

The decision to acquire a sextoy must be taken by mutual agreement. Therefore, you should both discuss it in order to get an idea of what you should acquire. There are many different types of dildos, ranging from the belt-dildo to the double-dildo. You will see more clearly in the following.

Explanation of the types of dildos that exist

There are a multitude of dildos of all colours, sizes and shapes. Women are often disappointed after acquiring a sextoy because it finally proves to be unsuitable because of its shape, size, or simply because it doesn’t fit the final moment. We will now outline the various solutions available to you when it comes to acquiring a sextoy.

Double dildos and belted dildos

Double dildos and belted dildos differ from each other, especially in the instructions for use. The belt-dildo is quick to put on and is the ideal way to concentrate solely on the pleasure of your partner. They have been on the market for a long time. Women often think that they are unsuitable tools for sexual relations because they often have unorthodox shapes, are often aggressive and have uncomfortable harnesses. This is the main reason why the models that followed had much more attractive shapes and colours and were available in several sizes and styles. Some of the strap-on dildos even have an extra feature to stimulate their clitoris.

The double dildo is the ideal tool to share a pleasure between two lovers. You can stimulate each other with it or you can directly penetrate with it. Unlike the belted dildo, the double dildo does not have a harness. Its use is simple and here is how to proceed:

One of the lovers inserts the bulb which is the shortest part. The muscles of the perineum then hold the dildo in place. If you find this uncomfortable, you can buy slings sold especially for double dildos.

If you feel that wearing a belted dildo or double dildo is demeaning or if you have never worn one before, you can wear it once or twice, get used to seeing yourself wearing it before wearing it for the pleasure of two. You can spend all your time adjusting it, contemplating it, the important thing is that you gradually gain confidence and eventually get used to it.

If the sling you are wearing is a one-piece sling, you can adjust it a few centimetres up or down to give you more balance and control.

If you are wearing a double union dildo, you have the option of folding it towards your body to make it more comfortable.

Both the double dildo and the strap-on dildo are tools that can fulfill all your sexual expectations and can bring you closer to your partner than you could ever imagine or can help you discover new pleasures. Sextoys are available just about everywhere in the trade. They come in all kinds and forms, enough to satisfy all desires.

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