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Foreplay men, women: what are the differences?

It is often said that foreplay is of paramount importance before any sexual intercourse. This is certainly because it provides a certain amount of pleasure to both partners. However, there are still a number of questions on the minds of some people. They mainly concern the differences in these practices between men and women. In other words, what are the differences in foreplay for these two sexes?

Preliminaries: how to define them?

Foreplay is the set of practices to be done to a man or a woman before sexual intercourse. Concretely, they are the physical and/or technical preparations that one makes to one’s partner in order to condition his or her body for an intimate relationship.

Thus, the main objective of these practices is to lead your partner to sexual arousal without bringing him/her to orgasm. However, even if foreplay allows both partners to become aroused, they do not play the same roles.

Especially since men and women do not have the same genitalia or the same morphology, it is obvious that there are some differences in this respect. However, what are the differences in foreplay between men and women?

Foreplay : practices that are carried out according to sex

If foreplay is known as the best way to quickly access pleasure, it should also be noted that it is not practiced in the same way. This is quite normal, given that man and woman are two completely opposite beings.

Difference in breast massage

Let’s start our analysis with chest compressions. As we can already guess, this part of the body does not present itself in the same way in men and women.

For men, the chest is generally characterized by its pectorals, which he likes to be massaged with attention. On the other hand, in women, it is more or less the opposite.

The woman’s chest is generally made up of two hyper-sexy globes whose size depends on the individual. As a result, the massage she will receive from her lover for this part will undergo slight changes, unlike the one a woman will give to her male.

Difference in sex massage

The second point of difference in foreplay is the sex massage. Thus, in the woman, the preparations for this part are much more concentrated on her vagina.

The man will have to stimulate this sensitive area through several methods, the most common of which is cunnilingus. It is also a foreplay often appreciated by women, because the saliva of her lover allows her to better lubricate the vagina.

Another example of foreplay in females is the stimulation of their clitoris. To do this, the man can use different practices with his finger. In this case, he also has many sex toys at his disposal that can help him to better tickle his partner’s little button.

However, this is not the same thing that we see in men. If the woman is a fan of cunnilingus, it is rather fellatio that males prefer. Apart from this practice, they also like the caressing of the brake of their glans, the bursa and many other erogenous zones.

Foreplay, practice for different purposes

It is true that foreplay increases excitement before intercourse, but there is a difference that should be noted. This is precisely at the level of the male and female genitalia.

Thus, foreplay allows males to have a good erection. On the contrary, they offer the woman the opportunity to better lubricate her vagina in order to promote better penetration.

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