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How to choose and how to use your anal plug

The anal plug arouses your interest, you’ve come to the right place. We will provide you with a complete guide on what it is, when to use it, how to use it and lots of other useful tips.

Reasons why you will like the anal plugin

The anus is undoubtedly one of the most ignored erogenous zones of the body. Anyone with an open mind should look at this area. It is not a pleasure reserved exclusively for women, since men have enough nerve endings there to feel pleasure. Enjoying these pleasures would not make a man a repressed homosexual.

There is a wide range of anal plugs, but the ones that are most easily inserted are a little more swollen, are cone-shaped, have a thin tip and a wide part that can shrink. It often ends with a flat part that prevents the object from disappearing into your rectum. Here are the reasons why you should try one:

  • You’ve probably tried anal sex and didn’t like it? You probably weren’t prepared enough to do it. The plug is an object that stimulates anal sensations and prepares the penetration of larger objects such as the anal dildo or the penis. For those who want to start anal sex or get used to the pleasure of this hidden area, this is the perfect object.
  • The anal plug is the object to raise the temperature before or during sex. Be sure that your partner will radically change the way he looks at you if you tell him that you are wearing one. In addition to providing visual and psychological stimulation for your partner, it has the advantage of enhancing your buttocks.
  • This small object could make you feel sensations out of the ordinary. When worn by a woman, the object tends to tighten the vaginal wall and stimulate the Skene glands, which act as prostate glands in men. In addition, the sensations felt by the man during penetration are also increased tenfold.When worn by the man, it stimulates the root of the penis and strengthens the erection. When it is well placed, the prostate is stimulated, ejaculations are much more abundant and orgasms are much more intense.

anal plug

When to use it?

1- When you are alone

You can use them when you are alone, combining them with a brief moment of masturbation to experience more intense pleasure. The more experienced can fall asleep with the plug, while novices will prefer to insert and remove it on the spot for a brief arousal.

2- As a couple

In addition to the aspects of preparation and anticipation before intercourse, the anal plug tends to increase the pressure of the vagina on the male sex or to stimulate the prostate in men. In all cases, an intense orgasm is guaranteed.

How to use the anal plug?

Here are the detailed steps to follow to use an anal plug:

1- Get ready

Start by gently caressing your or your partner’s anus, using your tongue or fingers. Take your time to relax yourself or your partner.

2- The position to adopt

There are several choices available to you in terms of the position to take. You have the choice between them:

– Lying on your side

– In the doggy-style position

– Kneeling or crouching

3- Lubrication

Put lubricant all over the anal plug and slide it into your anus with your finger properly lubricated.

4- Insertion

Put your plug at the entrance of your anus and gently push it in. Wait for your muscle to adapt to the shape of the plug. Then rotate it in circles that keep getting bigger and bigger.

5- Be patient and persevere

Be relaxed and patient. It will take several times to get used to it, but the insertion should not a priori hurt you.

6- Test

Some are satisfied with simple penetration, others make back and forth movements, some turn it in all directions. To feel more intense pleasure, you can contract the muscles at the sphincter level.

7- Remove it

There’s a good chance the sphincter will tighten after an orgasm. To remove the plug, inhale by pulling gently and exhale by pushing as if you were in the toilet.

How do I choose it?

You will choose your plug based on the following criteria: the shape, size, material used to make it and the functionality of the plug in question. If you are a beginner, the ideal size of your plug is between 1 and 3.5cm in diameter.

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