use the sextoy as a couple

How to use the sextoy as a couple?

You want to break the routine by bringing new practices into your sex life, you can do this by offering your partner to bring a sextoy into your bed. Here’s how to do a threesome with a sextoy.

Talk to your partner

It is much easier for a man to bring up the subject, because a woman cannot do so without giving the impression that she is questioning the man’s virility. Some people think that a woman’s use of sextoy is proof of their failure, when they only use it for fun. It will therefore be much easier for a man to bring up the subject. If the woman on his side has never used such an object, or on the contrary uses it from time to time during her brief moments of solitude, it is always an opportunity to rediscover this object.

You can bring up the subject with a smile on her face, see if she is enchanted by the idea. Maybe she has always dreamed of it, maybe she will pretend to be shocked before accepting, maybe she will tell you that she doesn’t really want it. You can use this article as an excuse to tell her about it, but in any case, don’t pressure her to do so.

You can have a great time together by choosing a sextoy, something you didn’t dare to talk about in your relationship until a while ago. It’s time to play the honesty card. Talk about your desires, the objects and colours you prefer. It will make it easier for both of you to talk about new things with peace of mind.

The different kinds of sextoys and how to use them

1- Vibrating ring

It’s probably the ideal object to start out with. It is so widespread that you can find it even in department stores. It works quite simply. All the man has to do is put the ring at the base of his penis and turn it on so that it starts to vibrate. By penetrating madam, the ring will stimulate her clitoris for more pleasure. You can already bring up the idea of using this object. It would be a first step for both of you towards using sextoy in your sex life.

Vibrating ring

2- The clitoral stimulator

It can be used during foreplay and during penetration and is an object that stimulates the woman’s clitoris. The man could use it on the woman, or the woman could use it herself.

clitoral stimulator

3- The vibrating bullet

It’s a rather fun object that can be used for foreplay. The vibrating bullet is placed in the woman’s vagina and the man keeps the remote control. It could be fun to turn her on whenever he wants. You can use it at home at mealtimes, or in restaurants for extra thrills.

4- The special G-spot sextoy

Easy to recognize thanks to its shape, this object is useful to stimulate Madam’s G spot. It can be used during foreplay to excite the woman by caressing her G-spot located on the anterior part of her vaginal wall. After this stimulation, she will surely be ready to be penetrated. This is the ideal time to observe her reactions while you excite her with your sextoy, or to cunnilingus her. You can take over with the sextoy from time to time, if you feel that you are about to let go.

5- The classic vibrator

It is quite simple to use a vibrator. For this you can read the content dedicated to the special G-spot sextoy above. The two objects are used in almost the same way. It’s up to you to use your imagination to find another way to use them.

6- Sextoy for couples

Very few manufacturers offer this variant of sextoy. The object in question is U-shaped. The object is placed in the woman’s vagina, so that one part can stimulate the woman’s clitoris and the other part can stimulate her G spot. You can use the remote control to choose the vibration mode you want, as well as the power of the vibrations. The object in question is quite interesting and allows couples to live intense moments together.

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