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Intimate Piercing: Synonymous with pleasure?

Today, there are several ways to boost sexuality within couples and to increase the intensity of sensations. It is a practice observed as much in the men as in the women. But, is the intimate piercing as much synonymous with pleasure? Here is an article that provides some elements of an answer.

An overview on the intimate piercing

Paola Desfourneaux, a psychologist, states that intimate or genital piercing, male or female, was an ancient Roman practice used to force slaves not to have sex. And yet, today, this same piercing is used to increase the intensity of sexual pleasure.

Indeed, the intimate piercing is a jewel, very often metallic, which pierces the flesh of the sex, male as female. As of its appearance in contemporary Western societies, the intimate piercing was very quickly associated with homosexuals. But after, it extended to other circles, and since, men and women make themselves pierce the sex for aesthetic reasons as well as erotic. But in spite of the medical risks that this practice presents, the piercing is more and more privileged by the amateurs.

An intimate piercing: Yes, but for which reasons?

Several reasons motivate men as women to devote themselves to this delicate practice. The very first one is the fact to possess a secret and to choose those with whom we want to share it. We want to know we are different (especially for women) but we want to hide it well. One can make the decision to do a genital piercing in order to increase or improve the sexual stimulation, either mechanical or psychological, to the person who wears it. But it is sometimes the result of an agreement between a man and a woman living in a couple.

Indeed, the intimate piercing can be wanted by the woman within the framework of the improvement of her life of a couple (on the sexual plan). In this case, she discusses it with her companion and the operation is effective. One will qualify then that of proof of love for the partner coupled with a promise of varied erotic games. The intimate piercing pursues in these cases of figure a single objective: the search for intense pleasure. After, it is necessary to underline that pleasure is not the only reason for which a man or a woman can opt for an intimate piercing.

To make an intimate piercing, it is to make it more aesthetic, more attractive its genitals. So, for their own pleasure, men and women are pierced. Moreover, it can happen that the woman makes it because she would like to live this unique experience. According to psychologists, the pain experienced during an intimate piercing operation can allow a woman (or man) to overcome a traumatic event that took place in the recent or distant past. Others take this practice as an initiatory phase, a rite of passage, a pain, which they consider as the price to pay for an intimate piercing of which they so much dreaded.

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