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Sextoy connected for remote relationships

Remote relationships are much more frequent nowadays. They have been promoted in particular by the Internet and social networks. It’s hard to remember what life was like before social networks. Today’s internet, the rise of social networks and news have made possible many things we never imagined possible before. Remote relationships continue to be established through screens and social networks. The question we are now trying to solve is: how can we have sex at a distance or share a sex life with our partner?

Explanation of the concept of long-distance sex

In order to fill the gap created by the distance between two partners, many solutions are frequently developed. What is the concept of long-distance sex life?

Here you have two alternatives.

The first possibility is that your partner can control your sextoy remotely by being on the other side of the globe with only Bluetooth technology and an application created for this purpose. This feature is currently only supported by anal plug-ins and some female sextoys. You also have the possibility to link your sextoy to a book, a porn movie, a virtual reality scene – the most important thing is that you have your hands free throughout the experience.

The second possibility is to synchronize two sextoys. The movements made by one of the partners on one of the sextoys will be reflected in the other. As an example, we can quote the Launch of Fleshlight and the Fuse of Ohmibod which are respectively male and female sextoys developed by Kiliroo (a firm that has developed a technology that allows to interconnect two objects through a two-way connection that has no latency time).

Fuse of Ohmibod

Technologies and possibilities with sextoys are multiplying day by day. It is a booming industry that represents a huge capital, about 13 billion euros, and this figure is still likely to grow rapidly in the coming days.

More functionalities with connected sextoys

Indeed, the remote control thanks to Bluetooth technology is just a small demonstration of the functionalities of the connected sextoys. You can control the OhMibod sextoys thanks to the Amazon voice assistant, or even more simply with your voice. Even more, there are already sextoys with artificial intelligence. The manufacturer promises that these objects will be able to adapt to the requirements and desires of their owners. We are not far from haptic combinations that can reproduce the same touch sensations. They could perhaps make it possible to reproduce caresses.


Another feat of technology is the development of a device that can reproduce the sensation felt during a kiss. The manufacturer, Mixed Reality Lab, has received many emails from people who are interested in purchasing the product online directly from the manufacturer’s website.

The sextoy industry has finally come to terms with the idea that the sexual act is far from being simply an orgasm. Sextoys increasingly have a much more human function than just sexual. They aim to connect us to our emotions and body sensations. Sextoys are just tools that allow us to feel sensations close to those felt during the sexual act. They can in no way replace the sexual act itself, regardless of the technologies used.

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