clean your sextoy

Thoroughly clean your sextoy for impeccable hygiene.

Alone or in couple, your sex toy has always known how to accompany you during your sexual intercourse and how to take care of you. After having satisfied you, it is your turn to take care of it, to clean it to prevent infection during the next use.

The sex toys are for personal use only and should not be lent or borrowed under any circumstances. For a group or two people, they must be protected by a condom. After each use, they must be cleaned and wiped with an antiseptic product.

How to proceed to clean your sex toy?

The cleaning of your sex toy depends on its nature. The way to clean your sex toy will mainly depend on the material it is made of or the use that is made of it.

We will start with the anal sex toy. They are maintained between two uses. The maintenance is done with boiling water, before using the disinfectant. Be careful to remove the batteries if it is a vibrating sex toy. It is then up to you to clean your sex toys according to the material they are made of. Before cleaning your sex toy, read the instructions carefully as all sex toys have different properties. Some are splashproof, while others are waterproof and can be immersed unlike those that are just splashproof and only support splashes.

Whatever the material of your sex toy, whether it is made of stainless steel, silicone or glass, if it has a motor, clean it with an antibacterial product or soap and then wipe your object with a damp cloth.

If, on the other hand, your object is made of glass, silicone or stainless steel and does not have a motor, you can proceed to deep cleaning and then sterilization. Keep it immersed in boiling water for 8 to 10 minutes, or in the dishwasher, without soap. Don’t forget it in the dishwasher, while you order your children to fill it when they leave the table.

Porosity is one of the properties of gelatinous latex sex toys. They must, therefore, be cleaned thoroughly and thoroughly because microbes tend to be much more easily lodged in them. It is advisable to use them protected by a condom, since just cleaning them with soap and water may not be enough.

Caution in drying

Once the washing is finished, it is necessary to dry it with clean paper, remove the batteries if the sex toy takes some, put it in a dry place free of dust and light.

Many solutions also exist to clean your sex toys. They are, for example, wipes made especially for the cleaning of sex toys. They are used almost exactly like baby wipes. There is also a liquid to clean sex toys. It is a cheap solution that can be used in hot water. Remember to check that your toy is waterproof to avoid damaging it. Also, make sure to read carefully the instructions contained in the packaging of your sex toys. It may contain additional information on how to clean your sex toy effectively.

It is crucial to take care of the hygiene of your sex toys, after and before use if possible, to avoid sexual health concerns. You will need to include the cleaning of your sex toys as part of your hygienic habits. You will avoid infections and germs of all kinds.

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