What lubricant for my sextoy?

Lubricants are solutions that moisturize and humidify your intimate mucous membranes, in order to avoid any unpleasant or painful rubbing during sexual intercourse, or more precisely during penetration. They also increase your partner’s comfort during sexual intercourse. You can apply them to the condom, the penis, the sextoy, at the entrance of the anus or vagina before penetration.

Like many objects or practices related to intimacy, the use of lubricants can quickly cause discomfort and the experience you are looking for can turn into a disaster. Here’s how to choose the right lubricant for your comfort, for anal penetration, to relieve the effects of genital-urinary syndrome, to soothe dyspareunia, to spice up your sexual intercourse or for any other practice.

Types of lubricants

Neutral lubricants

They allow to hydrate and of course to lubricate. We distinguish between water, silicone, oil and hybrid based products.

The water-based ones are the most common on the market. They allow to hydrate and are adapted for all or almost all uses.

Lubricants made of silicone are the most suitable for massages and endless frolics because of their long-lasting slippery properties. They are the most versatile types of lubricant.

Hybrid lubricants are a mixture of water and silicone. They are advantageous in that they moisturise and at the same time provide a pleasantly slippery effect.

Oil-based lubricants are much rarer. They can be an alternative to those made of silicones if they are made from natural ingredients or from specific greases that have been studied beforehand. Just avoid using this lubricant with a condom because oil tends to make latex porous. It is an excellent alternative to lubricants made of silicone.

Scented lubricants

Although they are also called lubricants, they are not recommended for intra rectal or intra vaginal use. It might be nice to feel the scent of your favourite ice cream or the flavour of your favourite cocktail. Recommend their use for oral caresses. They are hybrid or water-based lubricants. You can ingest them without any risk.

Effect lubricants

They are lubricants that offer you a ton of sensations to experience alone, in pairs, externally and internally. They are by no means recommended for sensitive people. They are not intended for therapeutic use, or for comfort.

They are just intended for a public that loves strong sensations. You can apply them on your internal or external erogenous zones in order to enjoy new sensations.

Hyaluronic acid, aloe vera lubricants

If you want a long-lasting action, these are surely the lubricants you need. Apply it one or two hours before you go ahead. This will prevent you from feeling irritation, itching, stinging, burning and tingling. Aloe vera has moisturizing and soothing properties, while hyaluronic acid forms a layer over the mucous membranes. It lubricates and moisturizes the mucous membranes. It also helps to heal irritated and dry mucous membranes.

The heating lubricating gel

If you’re looking for new and strong sensations and want to break the routine in your sexual relations, then the lubricating gel is surely what you need. The solution consists of active ingredients such as menthol and eucalyptus. Like all lubricants made from water, it has a short duration of action. You will therefore need to apply the gel many times during sexual intercourse if you wish to prolong the sensations.

Silicone-based gels or slippery gels

They lubricate 5 times more than water-based gels because they are not easily absorbed by mucus and skin. They provide different sensations and are recommended for anal intercourse.

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