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Which sex toy for man to start well?

Sex toys have long been one of the taboo subjects of this society about sexual practices. From now on, the ideas are much more assumed as far as they are concerned, since not only women use them, but also men. This article is intended to advise men in the choice of their first sex toy.

What advice should I give to a beginner?

He must first push away any shame and then know the things that excite him or the things he misses. It can be a kind of sensation, or a vagina if he is bisexual. It would also be necessary to know the places that he wants to excite and to analyze all the constraints inherent to the acquisition of a male sex toy. The mistakes of beginners are often to choose sex toys that are too expensive or too big or to choose cheaper sex toys of poor quality. Buying a male sex toy is a good idea insofar as it brings a new dynamic in the life of its owner.

Are anal sex toys only for passive people?

Anal sex toys can be intended for heterosexuals who feel the desire to stimulate their prostate. For this purpose, there is a wide variety of small sex toys that can be inserted, products that can go completely unnoticed once you put them on. For example, these are cockrings with anal plugs attached directly to them.


Which models for beginners, or those who like to stimulate themselves solo?

The Tenga eggs are a good choice for beginners. They are small expandable eggs that cost about 10 euros for the basic models. This kind of sex toy has many advantages as it is cheaper and compatible with all penis shapes. The accessory goes unnoticed as it is small, discreet and can be put in the mouth to perform fellatio. You can choose from the wide range of models available. However, the sensation provided by the sex toy can be unpleasant, depending on the sex toy you choose.

sex toy for man

The fleshlight is also an ideal choice. It comes in a high-end version, super realistic and very presentable. The width of the fleshlight is compatible with all kinds of morphologies. Also, it reproduces sensations such as suction to perfection. It is well done when taken from all angles. Nevertheless, it is necessary to count nearly 70 euros to acquire it, be careful with counterfeits, clean it well between two uses, wash it, dry it and disinfect it.


A male sex toy for the lonely passive ones

A cock-shaped dildo fixed on a suction cup and curved according to your desires. Some dildos are provided with a kind of armature inside, allowing them to bend the dildo according to the inclination they like. It is not necessary to have a huge dildo. For your beginners, a small dildo with the right angle is enough. The use of a gel to enhance the whole thing is not necessary, but it could provide a much more pleasant sensation. They come in all shapes and forms, made of various materials and can be used as a couple for a threesome.

One thing you shouldn’t do is let the two objects come into contact in a bag, for example. A tip is to use a shirt, socks or some fabric as a sheath to keep your toys away from prying eyes. For insertable products, always use a condom and for sticky products, apply powder.


For couples

Some people attach a certain importance to sex toys. In the case of the ball stretcher, it allows to give volume to the testicles and to get a sensation of striking at each blow of the kidneys. The cooking, on the other hand, gives volume to the penis by making it larger and more imposing. The extension sheaths add length to the penis while maintaining the sensation of penetration.

For beginners, the best thing is to start gently. The size doesn’t matter. The most important thing is to feel pleasant sensations and not pain.

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